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I'm having trouble finding a specific part. It's a cap that sits snuggly on top of a 5mm LED. It's semi-transparent and acts as diffusion for the LED.

At the top there's also a little bump in the center. As if it had been ripped from another piece of plastic. Tried to show this in my drawing.

Here's a photo of it mounted on a faceplate

... and a shot from the back

And here's my diagram of what the part actually looks like.

Is anyone familiar with it? A link to a website where I could buy it would be SUPER AWESOME.



Led lens or Led mount,



A thin layer of hot glue works quite well...
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If you want the LED visible across a wider arc... at the inevitable price, however you achieve it, of at a lower brightness... then all you have to do is use a fine file or similar to flatten the end of the LED.


Thanks for the help everyone, but I'm actually building a replica of this device and I need the exact part.

I'm still baffled by it! I've hit up 3-4 electronics forums and no one seems to be able to track it down.

I have a good alternative lined up already using just simple semi-opaque laser-cut acrylic.

But I've added a bunch of neat new tricks to my book for how to diffuse an LED.

Another way is using 400 grit sandpaper or dipped the thing right into some white paint. I wouldn't really recommend either though haha.


I used to use sandpaper before I discovered hot glue.

Hot glue can be molded, too. Here's an LED 'candle' I made just by adding hot glue to a LED.

(The camera doesn't show it by that's actually a warm-white LED, in real life it's the same color as a candle flame...)

No, I don't answer questions sent in private messages (but I do accept thank-you notes...)


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Did the original use LEDs or lamps? From the apparent age of the original, I'm guessing lamps.

I agree. It looks like it's from a time before LEDs.

The lamps are also a lot bigger than 5mm. Maybe what you need is something like a 10mm diffused off-white LED.

eg.  http://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_nkw=10mm+diffused+warm+white+led

Edit: fixed the link...
No, I don't answer questions sent in private messages (but I do accept thank-you notes...)


Try various searches at google images, you can quickly scan over 100s of images, and
may get lucky.



From another forum we've decided it's a crimp used by electricians called a butt splice.

The fact that it fits an LED is coincidental.

Still looking for a place to purchase them though.

The diameter is 3/8" at the top.

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