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HI I am working on Adruino uno monitoring wind turbine that's supposed to send info to a near by computer wirelessly using an ethernet shield. Have program sort of working but not sure how I need to wire the board so I can get the info from the wind turbine to the Arduino uno than to the nearby computer. any ideas on a schematic. I am using a voltage divider with 10k and 1k respectively. with a dump load resistor of approx. 1.7M. Probably too high of a dump resistor? The voltage divider is connected to pin A0 and the dump resistor is connected to D6. Is this correct? I can't find a board schematic of the proper pins  can anyone give me some pointers  thank  m.a.


What is it that the Arduino is supposed to be measuring?


Any analog pin is fine for the voltage divider -- make sure the pin will never see more than 5V.

It's not at all clear what you mean by a "dump resistor". If you're referring to burning off power from the wind turbine when your batteries are full, then that resistance should be between the two wires of your generator (assuming a DC or single phase generator) and switched on and off with a mosfet or relay. A 1.7Mohm resistor is much too high for this, but unless you can provide more details as to the peak voltage and amperage of your wind turbine it's impossible to make a suggestion.


The peak voltage of the turbine is aprox. 220v but only going to use 15v. to charge a 12v battery. Measuring the voltage from the turbine to the battery and checking to see if it is charging or discharging also monitoring the rpms of the turbine. Just trying to verify if the wiring I have will work and if not can someone help with any suggestions on the wiring.  thanks M.A


that's supposed to send info to a near by computer wirelessly using an ethernet shield.

Wirelessly using an ethernet cable? Does that really make sense?

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wireless with ethernet cable connected to wireless router than sending to another computer with a wireless hookup.

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