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Arduino experts,

I need to implement a little project, and I need your advise on:
a- Feasibility and level of complexity;
b- Tentative cost; and
c- Where to find someone who could help.

The project would "simply" be to send a signal from my computer in my office to my home via Internet, controlling the level of power used by my water heater, and receive a signal with the temperature of the water.

After reading some the posts, it sounds like this would be a pretty basic project for someone with the right expertise (definitely not me). I live in the Boston area and wonder what would be a good way to find someone to subcontract a project like this.

Thanks in advance,



Arduino Ethernet ($60) + FTDI Cable ($20) = $80
Arduino UNO ($30) + Ethernet Shield ($45) = $75

You'll need a temperature sensor and a relay to control your (presumably) electric water heater.
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