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I an designing a new Text to Talk module for the Ardiuno board and community.

I would like to know the preferred interface that users would like to see.

The typical interface will be Serial RS232 communication to the Voice board.

Send a Text String and the board will speak the string.

I'd like some input from the Arduino community to what suits the interface to the board and other items..

You can send or ask questions to Sales@LinearLogiX.com



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I want to have an I2C interface so I can have multiple modules in parallel - nice for haloween -

That means there should be provisions to set the address of the module (jumpers or whatever

Can I also select the voice type (man, woman, english, german, chines, mexican, etc)

O, sorry I should sent it by mail ;)
Rob Tillaart

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What other shields are there for voice output?  $40 is a lot for just 1 function.

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