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Come Saturday, Dec 8th at 12:00 NOON for a presentation by undergraduate Digital Design Students, under the direction of professor Jasleen Sarai, from University of Houston who will be presenting their class projects utilizing Arduino microcontrollers, various sensors, to work with their own mechanical designs.    This will be a fun workshop to see practical and artistic application of what end users are building here in Houston. There will be seven groups giving 10min presentations each.  We expect the presentation will be approximately 2hrs.

This workshop will be fun for everyone, from the middle school student to the post-grad hobbyist.

There is no charge to attend. RSVP is not required.

Electronic Parts Outlet
3753 Fondren,
Houston, TX 77063


Just a reminder EPO ARDUINO PRESENTATION today in Houston TX.

The topics of the Workshop include:

Project 1
   "Boo": Reawakening the kid in us all. Project uses light sensors to light up when it gets dark.

Project 2
  "Threat Posture": Emulating aspects found in nature, this kinetic sculpture will react as you approach it.

Project 3
  "Aphenphosmphobia": The expression of the fear of being touched, through the timid reaction from this fabricated creature.

Project 4:
   "Recluse": A demonstration of flight from the unknown, a floating object retreats beneath the surface when intimidated.

Project 5
   "Shelter": The small structure asks for the viewer to spread its spores.

Project 6
   "Greed": The mouth closes by itself when objects are put into it. (venus flytrap).

I want to clarify that I am just another customer of EPO. All this initiative and credits for Chris Macha, Manager and the EPO team.

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