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Has anyone tried this module from Elechouse?
I purchased 2 and can't make either of them work on Arundio MEGA2560.
I've uploaded the Arduino code plus audio sample that comes from the elechouse website.
Any advice would be appreciated.


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According to it's datasheet (in the manual) it uses SDA & SCL that are on A4 & A5 of UNO but they are somewhere else (pins 20 & 21) on Mega.

There appears to be no shield jumpers to move the SCL/SDA lines so an option might be to cut these pins off the underside and jumper across the top (assuming your not using another shield stacked on top.
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Thanks Riva.
Rather than modify the board I've just ordered a UNO.
I'll let you know how/if it solves the problem.


Hi Riva,
Attached it to a brand new UNO and it still does not work :(

Has anyone here had any experience with this module on any version od Arduino?


I always admit it (well almost always) when I stuff up and Nerds and Nerdettes I have stuffed up!
The problems I have been having with this module have been due to a labeling error I made on the SD card.
Thanks again Riva for trying to save me from myself.


The problems I have been having with this module have been due to a labeling error I made on the SD card.

So does it also work one your Mega or just the UNO?
Don't PM me for help as I will ignore it.


Works on both the Uno and the Mega :~
In case someone - one day - does a search of this Forum in response to problems with this module let me document here that if you make wav files for it they must be mono, 8 bit and slower than 14KHz or it doesn't run,. You have been warned.


hmmm, that's not so hot.  Thanks for the info.

I'm working with a wav shield by Adafruit (or ladyada) that supposedly handles 16 bit, 22kHz, FAT32 and SDHC.  I'm not up and running yet, but they've had this one out for a bit, and it's rev 1.1.  I'll try to let you know how it works out.  Uno is my platform at this point.

I may be pressed for processor power and working memory space, but I don't know if 8bit and that low a sample rate can give me workable fidelity for my purposes.


Hi 1What,

I just picked up a couple of these Arduino Wave V2.1 modules and am struggling to get them to work.  I am able to upload and play wav and ad4 files, but can't seem to get anything to work beyond the sample code that it came with, and sometimes it doesn't seem to work at all.  Can you share some more of your experience with this thing, and some sample code that worked for you so I can try to get a handle on it?



I have played with the Adafruit Waveshield before..

before any sample code can be given..

what is it you are even trying to do?  or do different that isnt outlined in the example sketches?

the basic 'approach' is that it checks for the states of your button(s).. and makes note of the button state.

in the main loop.. you check this 'state' and act accordingly based on those state results.

I have use the WaveHC lib in several projects (props).. sci-fi blasters/guns, Spider-Man webshooters...etc..etc..


I think the Adafruit wav shield is quite different.  The ones that I have came with only one snippet of sample code and an instruction booklet that was poorly translated and kind of difficult to follow.  I have been working through a specific problem with 'Grumpy_Mike' on a separate thread (http://forum.arduino.cc/index.php?topic=168490.0) but was hoping to find others who had worked with this particular module so I could get a better sense of what the code that I couldn't recognise was doing.



I'm getting good service from my Adafruit Wave Shields v1.1 (that's the latest rev I'm finding). 
This link:  http://www.ladyada.net/make/waveshield/convert.html

and it's links cover it well.  I speak English as my native language, so can only speak regarding that documentation.  Be careful with translations.

It is indeed quite a procedure, but gives good results, at least for my specific purposes.

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