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Hey guys once again. its hard waiting on parts to arrive and keeping your mind focused on what to do when they arrive as you are working on other projects as well.

Anyways...I'm trying to find soem good code to make 2    8x8 matrices scroll across each other...I can only get one to do so...I'm using the schematic provided by the arduino playground for max7219 / max7221 and my matrices rows and columns are hooked up just fine....

its the code that just isn't working to make one matrix scroll over to the next....I have the 2 max7219s cascaded with the Dout going from the first to Din of the second...The clks are in parallel with each other as well as the Loads...the first Din comes from MOSI on the arduino....

Its just I see all these LEDcontrol codes  where they use the pinouts and claim one max7219  (12, 11, 10, 1)

that works fine using one matrix.....changing 1 to 2   making it (12, 11, 10, 2)  doesn't work for the secondf matrix.. does anyone have good code for just 2 matrices scroling txt

using just 2  max7219s and any arduino board?   (I have the caps in place too for the max7219s by the way....


I jumped the gun, because 5 minutes later, I fixed it and got it working just fine.....this is the working code


This is awesome.  Thanks for sharing your code.  I am currently using a 8x8 single color with max7219 and just got a Conway's Game of Life working.  I'm wondering if you can try it on your 16x8 and see if it works.  I think you would only have to change the X or Y from 8 to 16 and 1 IC to 2.  I have been trying to make it so i can have it play the GOL for a short while then scroll a message, then back again.  Can you give it a shot?  Thanks for any help.

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