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I've been looking around and its kinda hard to find a cheap led supplier for UV leds, most want 7$+ ea for like a 1w led, so any help finding something cheaper would be much appreciated, especially If its <400nm wavelength,  down tto 340-360 would be perfect, tho I would love to get my hands on a 260nm one for less than an arm and leg


Well I buy all my LED needs from Asian sellers on E-bay. Can't bet the prices and I've yet to be disappointed in anything I've bought so far. Just check their feedback ratings, most have super high positive feedback ratings





I have a bag from ebay that I'm probably not going to use. I think I got 200 total to make a UV exposure unit for home made PCBs. I just used about 60 of them. Not sure on the wavelength, but they are an intense pale purple when they are on. Let me know if you're interested: $10.


Yeah ebay seems to be cheapest so far, but relative to other leds they are so expensive,  tho that 4.21$ item is the cheapest I've seen so far and exactly what im looking for

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