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I have experience with the windows version, but I cant find what I need for the ubuntu 12.04 arduino ide complete install.
I have tried several tutorials but it seems like at least 1 download link in each tutorial is broken.

is there 1 good current up to date ubuntu 12.04 arduino ide install tutorial?
what is this that I keep reading about the ide in the ubuntu software center being a old version and or buggy? if it is, why doesn't someone update it/fix it?

I guess what I should be asking is if I should just reinstall windows to use the arduino ide?

thanks all


I use IDE v1.0.1 and v1.0.2 on Ubuntu v11.10 and v12.04, but not the repository version. The menu was a bit hard to read because the color difference between the menu bar and the text was not different enough.

Otherwise it works well. I downloaded the latest version from the Arduino site (not the repository) and unpacked it into a local directory. Then I navigated to that directory and ran the arduino shell script there. That script must stay in that directory, so I made a link to the script and moved it to my desktop.


I've used the IDE on Ubuntu. I used the same method as SurferTim, without problems. I've just moved to Mint though, and haven't reinstalled the IDE yet.

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