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Hello friends!  Im building a little rover and i need at least 3 motor driver on an arduino uno.  Could i simply fit two L298 dual H-Bridges on there?? thanks for your time.


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If you already have the part, please link to the datasheet.
Could i simply fit two L298 dual H-Bridges on there??

You can't plug the chip directly into the arduino.  Although the arduino has enough pins to control several 298s,  you will have to buy or build a separate shield/(s).  


If you simply stack two identical motor drive shields on top of each other, they will use the same pins and produce the identical motor outputs. That's probably not what you want.


I'll have a separate board for power distribution but other than that I would only need four pwm pins on the UNO right?  One for each motor.  What else would I need to plug in other than ground?


Logically, yes the arduino can drive the chips. Physically you will need to place them on a breadboard or circuitboard, you made it sound like you were asking if these chips could go on the arduino board itself. The H-bridges will also need their own power, not from the arduinos power regulator.


Yeah, I'm talking about the already assembled boards that have the heat sink and all

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