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One can find many things in strange places if one really wants to find it there. The tests and the results are easily manipulated to yield the desired result. And one can waste much time chasing after foolishness thinking one is wise because he believes the lies others are telling him. And some just think that they are so superior to other humans that they don't need anyone else's input to feel superior.

He who thinks himself wise should take care lest others see him as he really is. Kind of like the "Emperors New Clothes".

But on the other hand, Nostradamus made himself famous (and probably rich) by using just such methods. Say and write enough crazy stuff and someone will find some answer(s) they are looking for in it.  :D




"How many cans of this do I need for a floor 3 metres by 4 metres"

he replied

"how long is a piece of sting?"

We asked directions to Dublin while lost in Ireland, and the guy said     " to be sure, I wouldnt have started from here ! "     

Just as helpful but from the heart -)
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Nostradamus didn't get rich, he hid his visions in weird poetry so he didn't burnt at the stake


Nostradamus didn't get rich, he hid his visions in weird poetry so he didn't burnt at the stake

Never met the guy, but Wikipedia does state:

Final years and death

Nostradamus' current tomb in the Coll├ęgiale Saint-Laurent, Salon, into which his scattered remains were transferred after 1789.
By 1566, Nostradamus's gout, which had plagued him painfully for many years and made movement very difficult, turned into oedema, or dropsy. In late June he summoned his lawyer to draw up an extensive will bequeathing his property plus 3,444 crowns (around $300,000 US today), minus a few debts, to his wife pending her remarriage, in trust for her sons pending their twenty-fifth birthdays and her daughters pending their marriages.

Maybe he had a day job that paid better then he got from his writings?



He got too many details right for me to dismiss outright.

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His "day job" was being an apothecary and healer.

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