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Topic: Internal temperature senor for chip temperature for Arduino Micro(ATmaga32U4) (Read 3207 times) previous topic - next topic


Hello everyone. I am the beginner of Arduino. I found it is the powerful tools for project, and it is very easy to control and communite with the external sensors. I am using Arduino Micro to do one project on equipment research and development. One of my task is to monitor the chip internal temperature. I knew there are internal temperaures in Atmaga328, Atmaga32U4, and I alsol learned that some wise man have developed the codes for Atmaga328, but I didn't find the codes for Atmaga32U4, and evenif I find difficulties in reading through the codes for Atmaga328.

I wonder to know can I copy the codes of Atmaga328 for the use of Atmaga32U4 directly? or could you please give me a hand? thanks very much. my email is shxplf@gmail.com. Thanks a lot.

I am looking forward to improving with you...

I am going to using Arduino to develop ocean sensors and instruments.


It may be that the ATmega328P temperature reading code will wok on the ATmega32U4.  Have you tried it?
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Thanks for reply.I didn't try it, I will try it, and I have to find the Atmega328p codes first...

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