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I have a lot of projects in my sketchbook folder and everytime I want to open a project with File->Sketchbook or with the graphical symbol representing "open" I'm annoyed about the missing scrollability of the upcoming selection field. ( I have to open the project with File->Open and after clicking through the whole tree I recently find my project.)
Are there any plans to change this? (I'm using IDE1.0 on Ubuntu 12.04)

Maybe - for a short time optimisation - it is possible to offer a selection "Recent Project" when opening the File menue. After all the last project is allready stored in the reference.txt file.

Regards from Cologne, Germany


One thing you can do to shorten the list of folders shown is to create subfolders to organize your sketchbook. I have folders for stuff I was playing around with, for production sketches, for stuff created to help out on the forum, etc. Rather than seeing all my sketches in an unscrollable list, I see the subfolder names with arrows that open that folder.
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