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Well it was fun having everyone playing around with the tree, but now it's a new year, so the tree is gone so i'm back to working on the code... Hopefully will finish it soon and then i'll publish it on a dedicated webpage, so next year everyone can have their own Christmas trees online ;)


Have you noticed people have a compulsion to look over your shoulder and tell you what to do ?
Its psychological  and we all have it.

Your project was a flash of brilliance at Christmas. Thanks
Others would like to be able to do that for next Christmas I am sure , myself included.

My other thought was that any project such as that would be enhanced by a video camera being moveable in one or two planes so we can pan around. I switched on the lights in all the other rooms but could not see a change so a swiveling camera with zoom inside a pretty 18 year olds bedroom would be super! ( there was one with a fish tank I was compelled to try , I'll try find that and post a link but a fish tank is only entertaining for a short time)

Just kidding ,but people do like to pry and something like a camera in the kitchen ,lounge or laundry , bedrooms ,bathrooms and garage etc  will be the next live TV fad I suppose ,if they can control it through the Internet and you seem to be well on the way

Thanks again


Thank you.
I plan on integrating an option for servo control in the future. Having that, it's easy to have a camera that you can move around. Controlling the servos is actually quite easy, the tricky part is changing the current interface so you can input numbers easily.
In this case having the camera moving around wouldn't allow you to see much more though... Two messy desks, and sometimes a guy working on a pc on one of them :P The remote control on the lights of the rest of my house was disabled while I had this public test, because it was not very practical having lights turn on and off by themselves all the time when ur doing stuff around the house :)


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OK I saw a couple of these actually but yours seemed to function best.

My thoughts on a camera were pan and tilt and zoom control. In the future this will be common I think but the problem will be if 100 people all want to use it at the same time.
Like the girl in the bedroom bit.
I thought maybe enough cameras set in a circular pod so there is always a 360 degree view and the user moves from camera to camera.
perhaps there is now or will be a scanning type camera which rotates mirrors at X times a second to feed a camera .
Those individual streams fed to a central storage unit and fed to users as demanded
However that does not give tilt or zoom unless the mirror type idea has mirrors further up and down of  the central circle of mirrors. The zoom might have to be digital zoom for now
So I'm thinking and looking around atm


Hello everyone.
Don't know if anyone is still following this thread, since it's been almost a year now... Unfortunatelly I had some problems and didn't do any work on this project for ages. I'm currently working on a new version that adds a lot of different features, but for now, here is the homepage with the code for the old version:


Have fun with it, let's see those xmas lights on :)

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