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I want to share this because I think it's pretty cool. Some time ago I found a small shop that was selling a WiiCamera sensor. It's a sensor that comes out of a Wiimote. The sensor detects up to 4 IR light sources, for every IR light source it gives a X and Y position and the size of the light source. The sensor uses the I2C bus to communicate with a mcu and someone has written an Arduino library for it: http://www.stephenhobley.com/blog/2009/03/01/pixartwiimote-sensor-library-for-arduino/

I mounted the sensor on a pan/tilt bracket and wrote some code so the sensor would track an IR led. This is the result:


I then mounted the sensor on a small robot. And I put an IR led on the back of my big robot (Dagu Rover 5). The little one now follows the big robot (which is remote controlled) :)


You can find the code I used on my website: www.bajdi.com


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Where did you got the WiiCamera sensor?

And how hard was it to "tame" it? -- that is write up the first working sketch of it.



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I bought them @ http://rocketbrandstudios.com/ not cheap but worth the money :)
The sensor is very easy to work with, just install the library and load the example sketch. The sensor gives very consistent readings so it's easy to write a program for it.

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