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Hello there,

i hope you are all well...

I have this question on the R4-5A RGBW Receiver...

Working Frequency    2.4GHz   

Working (Input) voltage    DC5V~DC24V

Max current load    5A x4CH Max 20A

Max output power   240W (12V)

Remote Distance    30m

since its POWER output is 240W, does that mean it only transmit the data to only LED STRIPS of max 240W?

for example:

i am gonna use the following led strip.

Led strip rgb 5050 SMD 12v 60Led ip65 75w 5Meters

so, how many LED strips does the above receiver support?

if i am installing a 100Meters of the above led strips in FIXTURE, how many receivers of the above do i need?

Thank you so much

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