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Dear all,

We are to design a interface board so that we can turn on an input port of IAI Robotic Arm. The IAI Robotic Arm Input ports have the following circuit configuration:

IAI Robotic arm needs us to provide 24vDC to its pin 1, and GND to its pin 34.
Now, I have a port (Port 30) it is on IAI Robotic Arm DIO 34-ways connectors occupying pin no: 16. I want this port to be turned on, what I did is to pull an wire from pin 16 and short it to ground, as the following:

With this, if I touch this to ground, the port is on. Remove the wire of Pin16, the port is turned off.

Well, I have to come out with a way so that I can control the port on off from National Instrument DAQ digital output. This DAQ will provide a 5v when it is turned on and 0v when it is turned off.
I have tried the following, hoping that when my DAQ turn on (5v) provided to base of the transistor, the port 30 (pin 16) of IAI robotic arm will turned on (shorted to ground) but unfortunately it is not working.

I am seeking kindly help for this problem, actually I am new to EE world, but it has been assigned by boss. I have no idea what shall I do to make it work. If anyone can show some light, it will be great!

Thanks for your help in advanced....


Why is the collector of the transistor connected to +24V ?  In order to melt the transistor perhaps?!

You need the collector of the transistor to connect only to the switched pin, pin 16.
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