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I am hoping to detect/measure the distance/movements of participants and use the data to control/trigger sounds in a complete dark space for a sound installation.

Is arduino with ultrasonic sensor my best shot? any suggestions on particular models of ultrasonic sensors. or has anyone worked with i Cube X as well?

The sounds will be in MAX/MSP. And the installation is sort of inspired by the echolocation of bats.


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Sounds like a neat project and one definitely arduino-worthy. It really depends on how much precision you want in your project. If you just want to detect people you can use a PIR sensor(usu $10-20); if you want to know how far away they are then an ultrasonic sensor is the way to go. there is plenty of simple documentation for the parallax PING ultrasonic sensor which only costs $30. Depending on your budget, you can have all the professional data that the i Cube x sensors provides but it'll cost you $$$.

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