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Hallo everyone,
I want to start programming with arduino, I've never used it.
I worked sometime with a DAQ usb (national instrument) 14 bits built on labview.
I know the matlab basics and I just started to use python (really basic stuffs).
I need your suggestions/advice about what to buy, what is better for me judging my information.

I was thinking to buy from: http://dx.com/s/arduino+kit.html?sort=-ProductRating
I'm looking it from Switzerland. (I don't know if the products are differents or just the prices).

My idea was to buy a kit, they seem to be complete and very good to start.
The problem is that the choice is really big, so i'm a bit lost.

Could you please, suggest me the best starting kit from the url above?
I would like to have a reference book in the kit, which explain the user the experiences and how to proceed.

Thanks a lot. If you need more information, tell me and i will update the post.

up: This one looks good but there isn't a manual/reference book within, do you think it would be too hard?


All of the kits look great, except that dealextreme.com is not listed under official arduino distributor list. It infers nothing on their quality but legitimacy in using the word Arduino, which is a trade mark. All their Arduino boards say arduino but I doubt they are official distributor for the arduino team. It's more of a moral decision whether to buy from then than a technical one  ;)

I bought one arduino that is copied but it removed the word arduino, which is all that is need to be out of arduino team's way.
Serial LCD keypad panel,phi_prompt user interface library,SDI-12 USB Adapter

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