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Hi guys, i bought a arduino leonardo board. Im trying to make it like Makey Makey, but with 26 alphabet letters and numbers. I don't how to start it and do the programming stuff. Can u guys pls help me, and make a tutorial. Thx :(


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At first I thought Makey makey uses Capsense (capacitive sensing). But it works like a normal button you have to connect one wire to your body and the other to the objects like bananans. I can't figure out how its done but I think transistors are involved.

1)First you should check out the Leonardo specific functions like keyboard and mouse output because thats one of the things makey makey does.

2)And then how to make the leonardo know if the banana has been touched ( As I said above I'm guessing transistors)

Hope other community members will help you.

Edit: I found this on their website. They don't use capsense or transistors

"For sensing closed switches on the digital input pins, we use high resistance switching to make it so you can close a switch even through materials like your skin, leaves, and play-doh. We use a pull-up resistor of 10-50 mega ohms. This technique attracts noise on the input, so we use a moving window averager to lowpass the noise in software, saving money on hardware filtering"
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I'm currently making a "Makey Makey shield" for my Arduino Leonardo.
It works perfectly with 22MOhm pullup resistors on the inputs (I actually have 2 x 10 MOhm resistors in series).
I just changed the key and input mappings in the original Makey Makey sketch to map my needs.
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For now I'm using 9 inputs: 8 mushrooms and 1 orange. My kids love it.

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