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to paraphrase what dc42 said - You Got Lucky!

It may work fine for now, but when it gets to the real world it may not happen to have sufficient capacitance and it may not prove reliable.

Just like you could drive your car without the cotter pins in the ends of the axles. Until a wheel falls off.


I don't use the stock "low power crystal" fuse setting.... I use full swing.

Most manufacturers provide a few levels of gains / drive for the crystal oscillators, like full swing (for 4-8Mhz crystals to 24-32Mhz crystals), crystal (for 1 - 8 Mhz crystals) and low-power (32khz). Lower gains help minimize the risk of crystal overdrive and its resulting aging / drifting effect.

With a 16Mhz crystal, I would always use the full swing oscillator.


Even from an expensive retailer, the capacitors needed will cost $0.06 and make sure that the crystal oscillates correctly, reliably and within needed tolerances.  Seems a small price to pay.


This is purely curiosity, i'd indeed use cap's if i required a crystal.


Meanwhile... Pwillard considers forming the SPCEC.  The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Electronic Components.



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