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We've just started beta testing an online IDE for Arduino called wifino. All code is stored and compiled in the cloud using a browser-based editor. Firware hex files are available for download and can be deployed using avrdude. Additionally, we're working on a wifi interface and an iPhone app to download code from the online IDE to upload to your Arduino (or wifino) via an 802.11b/g network. We have demo videos on our youtube channel showing the prototype Windows app and iPhone app.

The hardware portion of the wifino system will be available as an Arduino-compatible board, or an Arduino shield, or a set of instructions on how to interface a wifi chip with your existing Arduino Uno.

wifino is a solution that frees your 'duino. Frees it from the confines of a desktop development application. Frees it from a USB cable. Frees it do you what you want, when you want, where you want.

Details at www.wifino.com, the IDE is available at ide.wifino.com

We're looking for more beta testers. Let us know if you're interested -- join our forum and send a PM to "tod" ...

If you love your 'duino, set it free.


I've had a thought.  I'm not much of a programmer but why couldn't a clever person do something like this:

Build an Arduino with a bluetooth shield and a SD card shield.  Put all the data and files required by the Arduino IDE and compiler on the SD Card (for easy updating).  Write an editor like the abovementioned "Koder" on iPad that could upload your code to the arduino via bluetooth (or by serial via the iPad connector) and write an Arduino sketch that could receive and compile that code, then have that Arduino burn the compiled sketch to another Arduino.  The first would just be the hardware tool to burn sketches to other Arduinos!  Then you could have Adruino programming on-the-go!

Here's an example of using an Arduino to load the bootloader to an ATMega:

.. but I don't see why it couldn't just as easily be tweaked to burn the sketch instead of the bootloader onto an Arduino rather than a stand-alone ATMega328P

Anyone tried building an Arduino that can compile sketches for other Arduinos?

If anyone runs with it PLEASE SHARE WITH THE REST OF THE CLASS!!!   ;-)


A compiler would need a lot of memory to compile. Arduino only has 2KB memory so will have a hard time compiling any type of code. Plus, you can't use ipad's bluetooth serial. Just search bluetooth serial terminal on app store you will find nothing useful.
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On Android there is ArduinoDroid app, on iPad i'm afraid it's impossible..


You can try free(mium) ArduinoCode iOS app - full-featured IDE that runs on iPad/iPhone. And yes, it supports code complete:




Unless one Android device comes out that can actually contend with the iPad... that's not going to happen. I guess Samsung may be able to get close... but, because of their copycat culture, they may never get anywhere near the smoothness of the iPad.

On the other hand, if there was market for it, Android could be changed (even if by a tinkerer) to acommodate the Arduino fans wishes, whilst I don't see that happening with the iPad. So in the end, I guess that we just have to wait for Android to catch up sort some of the issues out. :(
You do realise that Samsung where hired to make the screens, processor and memor for the iPads up until 2010

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