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Stino is a Sublime Text plugin for upload/compile arduino sketches. Im using it on ElementaryOS (Ubuntu based) and can't imagine a better IDE. Sublime Text  has plugins for code completion, snippets,and lots of stuff... everything is there.
If you are curious, take a look at

This is a plugin installer for Sublime Text plugins :

After  install, do a search for arduino snippets.

this is a snippet collection  not listed in package installer ( very good snippets there):

The coolest plugin i've found for Sublime Text and Arduino upload/compile.Kudos to the developer:

Forget about Eclipse, Netbeans and other editors...




With 1.5.2 (XP):
1. it does not show sketches with deeper directory structure (ie. c:/mysketchfolder/XX/YY/my.ino)
2. it has problem to compile sketches with multiple files (cannot find the main with setup and loop)..


This plugin is still under development, so there are still problems remaining.


I can't believe I haven't found this before! I love Sublime, this is great! Thank you for making this plugin.

I'm interested in using avr assembly to program my Arduino (need that extra oompf for video out). I'm using OS X so AVR Studio is not an option. Any chances that Stino would one day support assembly programming?  :)


I don't think it's difficult to add support of assembly. But I need some information:
1. the extension name of assembly files? is ".S"?
2. compilation command?

In Arduino platform.txt, there is one line:
compiler.S.flags=-c -g -assembler-with-cpp
but there is no compilation command.



Really, really cool plugins.

Hurra to @Robot-Will... (i kiss your feet) ;)


Thanks for the tip! I love keeping everything within Sublime.


As it costs $70 I will stick with Gedit and maybe spend the money on Arduino hardware.

Two or three hours spent thinking and reading documentation solves most programming problems.


Your last item is flagged as an unsafe page (http://kaixin.netii.net/stino-a-sublime-text-2-plugin-for-arduino.html#comment-16) .
Both VirusTotal and Comodo flagged it.
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Note for Due users:  
If you install SublimeLinter, you can get Linting on Arduino files by editing the following in SublimeLinter > Settings - User:

"linters": {
           "clang": {
               "@disable": false,
               "args": [],
               "excludes": [],
               "extra_flags": "",
               "include_dirs": [

Where "/path/to/arduino-1.5.5" is the path to your arduino IDE install.  
However, this only affects CPP/H files unless you open an INO file and click on the bottom right (where it says Arduino) and select "Open all with current extension as..." > C++.  
Thanks Robot Will, your plugin is excellent!


I have some problems with Sublime text. For example some code that is compiling in the Arduino IDE it is not working in the Sublime Text.

For example I have the following errors:
Code: [Select]

C:\Users\***********\Controller_v3_2.ino.cpp:509: error: 'SPI_CONTINUE' was not declared in this scope
C:\Users\***********\Controller_v3_2\Controller_v3_2.ino.cpp:510: error: 'SPI_LAST' was not declared in this scope

I have no idea how to solve this problem. Could you help me?


SPI_CONTINUE and SPI_LAST do not appear to be in the Arduino package ( 1.0.5 ). You might have left out/improperly included a library and/or sublime might not define something that is used to conditionally include the SPI_x symbols.
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I just added support for assembly files used in your sketch or external libraries.

If Robot-Will accepts the modification, it will be on his github repo, but if you're hurry, use mine instead: https://github.com/HectorBravo/Stino

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