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Parallel ports are pretty much obsolete and 74ls chips have also pretty much been obsolete for 20 years. The 74hc chips are the same as 74ls but use much less current.  If you can find a pc with a parallel port, it will also need a parallel port interface such as direct-io unless the operating system is Win98 or older.

The big question here is what is the rating of the fan - lhooks like 12V 100mA.

To run the fan:
1. Buy an Arduino Uno
2. Also buy a 1k resistor and bc337 npn transistor
3. Connect up
4. Write a sketch and upload
Estimated cost: $30.06 ($30 for Uno, 5c for bc337, 1c for resistor)
Estimated time: 30 minutes after parts sourced

The uln2803 is only needed if 8 fans are used, otherwise a uln2003 can run 7 fans. The uln2803 has 8 500mA transistors and resistors integrated into one 18 pin chip.


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Kinda tough to see what is going on there since there aren't any labels or schematics.  Without knowing the circuit or having some idea of what you want it to do it's going to be hard to help out, especially with "code" for hardware you might not be using.  Is this going to be connected to an Arduino at some point?

Also, this is the "Other Software Development" board; you might have better luck posting in "General Electronics" or (if you're going to use an Arduino) "Interfacing w/ Software".

This is the schema diagram

I am using breadboard
And some supporting chip's pf microprocessor

Coding Badly

@Afnan, do you mind if I merge this topic with the other very similar topic you created?  Excellent.  I didn't think you would mind.


So are we using a PC's parallel port ?
   and you need code to run on the PC ?


so this used to be done.
  Borland C++ had a nice list of code to run like this.


windows came along, and the parallel port is now  'protected' by the windows software.
   it can and is done, there are / were drivers you could purchase to allow one to twiddle the parallel port of the pc.

but general, I would not.
   Use USB :

FTDI have some nice boards,


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