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Hi. I came across this copper PCB which is white in color on the other side.
Anyone knows where to get this? From what I found on eBay they're all brown.



Is it a layer or is the board white on the inside (look at the edge).  Might just be lacquer...
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It seems that it's only a layer, but it is also present beneath the copper.
Means after it is etched, the PCB is in white.

Here's the guy selling these PCBs.

I want to know where he got these from so I can get lots of it.

Many thanks.


I usually get my odd colored boards from http://stores.ebay.com/PCB-Laminates-Copper-Clad
I don't see any white at the moment.  It's usually one of the CEM types he carries...


Thanks for the link  :)
I'll PM him to see if he has white ones.

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