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i have 2 arduino mega 2560
I'd like to build a midi controller with USB and regular midi conector output,
also like the CV converter to have buth types of input.

Is it possible to get midi output from the arduino on a din-5 conector?
I've seen a shield with midi conectors on it, but is that required to get midi in/out of the arduino?

It seams to me like the mega has more analog inputs and digital outputs then some of the othe models/clones
Would it be possible to build a controller and CV converter with one unit? or maybe a bigger controller and a bigger CV converter.

im reading alot of stuff at Teensy's site, is that package better suited for midi? can i use the teensy librarys on my arduinos?

Thanks for any help!


I used an Alps 100mm Motorized Fader with a Servo Track and a Touch Line. It was purchased off of eBay. Be careful when looking at option on eBay, because a lot of the faders there don't have a Touch Line.

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