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OK, I got this present Open Source Electronics prototyping Platform  (UNO) ... :smiley-roll-sweat:
Know, I have no idea what and how this works! Yes, I had some exposure of electronics way back!

so, some light would be much appreciated!
I did install the software ( so I think) but nothing happened.
My tablet did not recognized the motherboard ( using windows 7)
any small example for the steps to follow?


My tablet did not recognized the motherboard ( using windows 7)

Maybe some details here, please?


If you are very new, I suggest this http://arduino.cc/forum/index.php/topic,118440.0.html and then you tell us how is your experience as a newbie  ;)
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You have an unofficial board which is actually called a OSEPP.

Despite the fact they claim it is a Uno, it is not.  You will actually need to select Duemilanove in the Arduino IDE and install the FTDI drivers from ftdichip.com before it will work.

You might want to visit http://osepp.com/ since they do have a support forum.
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thanks for the feedback.. After reading the steps, I successfully installed the drivers; plus I run few examples.
20 years ago I would have been trilled by this  :D 
It is time to go to radio sack and get few components and play around.

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