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I got my arduino leonardo for christmas and installed the drivers on my Dell XPS win7 64bit Laptop. After a while of troubleshooting I figured out that the drivers arent working on my USB 3.0 ports. I tried to deinstall the drivers and start from scratch. Unfortunately going to device management, clicking on the Leonardo symbol and deinstall it did not seem to work. I reinstalled it and found out that the two drivers in "leonardo heartbeat mode" showed com-port 15 and in "idle mode" showed com-port 16. I wasn't able to upload sketches, during the uploading process it wasn't able to reset the mcu.
However, my first try would be a complete reinstall of the drivers.
Unfortunately I don't know how to make a clean deinstallation of all leonardo drivers.
...and feel free to tell me a better way of solving my problem  :)



Everyone got an arduino for Xmas! Haha

No need to uninstall, you maybe can try http://arduino.cc/forum/index.php/topic,118440.0.html I attempt to force the correct drivers in the setup so if your Leonardo still don't work maybe the problem is in the board itself
My website: http://ried.cl


Perfect. ;)
Everything's working now. Even my arduino UNO is working now without the problems I had sometimes during uploading.
I really appreciate the changes you've made in the IDE.
In my view your version should be the official arduino IDE, really good work.
I'll do my best and tell my arduino-mates about your mod. I hope I can contribute this way.
Good luck and please keep updateing your work.


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