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I've just received the great Arduino Starter Kit... It's almost perfect. I say almost because it seems to me that the kit is missing the three screws described in the manual to fix the Arduino board to the wooden base.
Am I missing something or is the kit that's missing them?

Thank you


In my case, I found them into "electronic components" box


Exactly, I confirm they are inside the electronic components box.

Happy making to everyone!!!



Ups, I didn't see them, they are there. My fault (soooo many things in the kit!)


Have you solved this problem yet?


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In my case, I found them in the "electronic components" box

I found three screws and three nuts in the "electronic components" box.

The screws fit the holes in the base, but they are a bit longer than needed and unlike the illustrations in the starter kit's manual, the screws have a Phillipps type (crosses) head ..

but they fit/work to attach the Arduino to the base...

my quest is done!


Hi, I mounted my Starter Kit yesterday and was about to post here for the same issue. ;)


I searched my house and garage for about an hour for three suitable screws.

After finding 2 and thinking "close enough, let's move on", I opened the electronic components box  :smiley-red: :smiley-red: :smiley-red:

One of the nuts isn't threaded inside so I've had to make do with 2 anyway (better than using one of the mucky old ones I had made do with!).


The screws fit the holes in the base, but they are a bit longer than needed

For anybody else who finds the screws to be too long: Simply screw them in from the bottom.


Was stumped by this as well.
I think it'd be great if the tutorial hinted at the screws' location.

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