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Of course it's an empty discussion- you told us about a book about which you can tell us nothing.

When there's a TOC and hopefully an e-sample, then we'll have a look.

Right now, an empty discussion on a lazy Friday while I'm on leave from work, works for me!

EDIT.... it is Friday isn't it?.... I get confused about the days of the week at this time of year!
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Your answer may already be here: https://forum.arduino.cc/index.php?topic=384198.0


I get confused about the days of the week at this time of year!

haha me too. But beware for some TZ's  Saturday already started, so asking for the day on an international forum seldom works :)

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I'm about to send the first newsletter on next night (GMT+1)
I will announce the summary of the #arduino #book that will be published early April 2013.

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I've had the chance to review a few pages of Mr Bayles book and was impressed enough to 'borrow' the tablet it is on...
Although to prove once and for all to one and all that I have no class whatsoever is for me to say that I also enjoyed Arduino Cookbook Vol 1 & 2, Some of the drawings.. left a little to be desired But IMO strictly it should be required reading for all beginning students of Arduino... and a few too many not so newbie's too.
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It's kinda hard telling what will be in the book from the TOC. For example, I know from experience that teaching the concept of pointers is always difficult for new programmers. I wrote Beginning C Programming for Arduino for Apress Publishing and, if you look at the TOC, you'll find two chapters just on pointers. I laid the book out to cover most C topics within a 12 chapter framework, mainly because college semesters are 15 weeks, leaving a chapter a week plus time for exams, breaks, and perhaps a final project. From your TOC, it's hard to see what programming topics are covered and in what order. Perhaps you could flesh out some of the details for the rest of us reading this.

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