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For crimping tools, the Hanlong HT-202B and/or HT-213 might be suitable too and are considerably cheaper. I have ordered a HT-202B and will see how it goes. On http://www.farnell.com/datasheets/323337.pdf there is an overview of these tools. Update: I have tested the Hanlong HT-202B and it does NOT work. I will probably try the HT-225D next.

For connectors and housings, a search on eBay for "dupont terminal" usually gives good results for both male and female connectors, "dupont housing" gets you matching housings (they can house both male and female connectors).


I've created a board that has 2-pin, 3-pin and 4-pin 0.1" male headers that are all meant to connect to off-board components like other boards, LEDs and potentiometers. I ordered some housings from Digikey that fit my headers just fine, but I'm having a really hard time getting the crimp contacts to fit!

Here is an example of the 4-pin housing that I got: http://www.digikey.com/product-detail/en/0022013047/WM2002-ND/26435
And here are the crimp contacts, which are listed as an Associated Product for the housing above: http://www.digikey.com/product-detail/en/1375819-1/A100453CT-ND/2233146

I am using solid core wire from an ethernet cord (24AWG I believe).

I can get the contact crimped to the wire just fine, but when I try to insert it into the housing there is significant resistance. Even when I take pliers and push hard, all that happens is the crimp contact snaps in half!

Is there another tool I need to make this work? Maybe the crimp contacts are not good for my housings (even though they are an Associated Product on Digikey)? Does anyone have some info about how to assemble my own cables like this?

Or is there maybe a better interconnect solution that I don't know about to get off-board components wired up?

Those are the wrong pins for that housing. The pins you want look like this:

Check out Sparkfun.com for crimp pins and housings. Pololu.com also has nice crimp pins and housings.
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Update: making custom cables sucks!

The crimp contacts and housings appear like they would mate, but every time I crimp a wire on and try it insert it, more often than not the wire snaps off. The specs for the contacts say they work with 20-26AWG, but my 22AWG hookup wire doesn't seem to fit. Thin solid wire taken from ethernet cables (I think 24-26AWG) bends very easily and snaps.

This process appears really straightforward, but is turning out to be the most frustrating part of assembling my project! Am I doing something wrong, or is custom cable assembly best left to machines and factories?

DO NOT USE SOLID WIRE!!! First of all, you will never get a good crimp on solid wire. Secondly (and worse), solid wire will flex a few times and break ALWAYS use STRANDED wire.
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Using the Hanlong HT-225D I am now happily crimping my own cables using Dupont connectors. Search eBay for "Jumper Wire Cable Housing" for the matching supplies.


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