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Hello, everyone! I've got some relatively finished code for controlling an led on pin 13 with serial. To use it, you just upload to your Arduino, open the serial monitor, and type 0 and 1 to turn the led on or off. You can also type a sequence of zeros and ones to make it blink in a certain pattern. "01010101110001110001110101010" blinks "SOS" in Morse code.
Code: [Select]
// LEDSerialToggle
// Turns on an LED on for one second, then off for one second, repeatedly.
// Based on DarthTater's Morse code for serial.
// Pin 13 has an LED connected on most Arduino boards.
// give it a name:
int LEDPin = 13;
int incomingByte = 0;

// the setup routine runs once when you press reset:
void setup() {               
  // initialize the digital pin as an output.
  pinMode(LEDPin, OUTPUT);
// Let's have it turn the LED on (or off) when it gets input:
void LEDToggle(int c){
  case 1:
    digitalWrite(LEDPin, HIGH); // This is the LED turning on when you press "1"

  case 0:
     digitalWrite(LEDPin, LOW); // This is the LED turning off when you press "0"
// the loop routine runs over and over again forever:
void loop() {
  if (Serial.available() > 0) {
    incomingByte = Serial.read();
    // read the incoming byte:
    delay(400); // wait 0.4 seconds before going on to our next character.

If you want to download it, you can get it at https://www.dropbox.com/sh/dnunzuk1q3q6hsw/ek_Lv2HzIF.


" delay(400); // wait a fourth of a second before going on to our next character."

This is 0.4 seconds, not 1/4 (250ms) of a second.
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Oh, glad you caught that!
That is why I use Dropbox, so I can update my code, typos, etc. Without actually having to redo and re-upload the whole thing again.
Hey, your designs are pretty cool!  8)

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