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Just started looking at the Native USB port. (The programming port seems to be working fine.) I can get my Win7 to install with this port as the BOSSA programming port after forcing the driver type in Device Manager.
Two questions:
1. After programming the Due with the BLINK sketch thru the Native USB port, it sometimes resets the port type to a non-functional Arduino Due in Device Manager. BLINK will then run. Other times the Native USB port remains BOSSA, but then BLINK will not run until the Due is unplugged and plugged back in. At which point the port is a non-functional Arduino Due in Device Manager.
Is this the way it is suppose to work?

2. I would like to use the Native port for high speed data transfer. Are there any examples out there for passing data to and from a PC? Would I use SerialUSB hinted at at arduino.cc?

Thanks in advance.

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