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This idea began taking root when I was playing around with stuff yesterday and discovered a way to make a coupler to join a stepper motor and a 3/8" threaded rod using 3/8" x 1/2" (id/od) tubing.

So . . . then I cranked up SketchUp and created a design for a small camera slider - proof of concept only.

We'll see how it goes . . . more photos with progress later today.


Hahah... cool. my first DIY machine, used the same thing.

But eventually, the plastic lost it's grip and would ruin my CNC work when the motor turned but the shaft didn't moved with it.

Replaced it with shaft couplings here.

I'm using the ultra-flex double loop couplings so even if everything isn't 100% perfectly aligned, it still works and reduced vibration too!


Thanks vasquo

I'm hoping movement of the truck (?) won't be difficult to push or pull so perhaps my "solution" will hold steady.

We shall see.

Thanks again,



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I'm making a little progress

Keeping it simple - materials, tools, fabrication and design


I'm making a little more progress . . .


The "truck" slides along nicely - very little friction . . . well, when compared to tugging an anvil in the sand.

Here's a short video . . .



I have the Arduino finally controlling the motor and the camera shutter

Next, I'll put this all together and do some time-lapse photography



Here's my very first time-lapse video compiled from photos using the camera slider with remote shutter control.

Ya, I know the quality is lousy but the video shows proof of concept - it actually works!

Woo hoo!




Have you seen the awesome http://timescapes.org/  ??

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Thanks Terry

Yes, I saw that trailer - amazing.  There is also one or two videos showing one of the machines he uses and how he set up a scene in the desert.  I think I saw that on Vimeo.

I have a turntable that can either be attached to the "truck" on my slider or it can be used standalone.  I should have that operational today (Sunday, 13-Jan-2013).

BTW - I saw your web pages last week - are you still living in China?  What a beautiful place - I feel destined to move there someday.  My parents lived there for about a year and a half - they loved it.  Some of their photos & stories were amazing - like yours.

Anyway, here's the camera slider "in operation" for the first time  . . . https://vimeo.com/57283652


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Hi @Shredder,  I am back in the USA now but my good friend and  partner in YourDuino.com is in Shenzhen.  I have traveled with him to his home villages and other places in China. I'll be going back this Spring.  I went back 2 years ago with 2 of my Grandchildren and they had a great time.

I'd love to get into the MotionControl camera stuff!  In my Other Spare Time!
Regards, Terry King terry@yourduino.com  - Check great prices, devices and Arduino-related boards at http://YourDuino.com
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