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The tilt switch included in my kit has really short pins. Due to this, I can't seem to get the switch to stay on the breadboard. Anyone else have this issue or have an idea how I can get around this?





You can use just two of the pins and leave the other two in the gap down the middle of the breadboard. This holds the tilt switch firmly in place, although it will be causing a little stress on the component.

Tilt switch datasheet


I had the same issue with 4 very short pins. After looking at how the tilt switch worked I found I could yank all the pins out with some pliers. My tilt switch had 2 long pins and 2 very short pins. I chopped 2 pins from the set of pins that came with the starter kit to the same size as the 2 long pins, replacing the 2 short pins. I then put all the pins back with 8mm of the pin exposed. It now works fine and stays in the breadboard.


I've found it fits well into the spare power/ground bus (+ & -).


I have the same problem, the breadboard just wants to spit it out. I had to skip that project.
Also the intro book only talks about the tilt switch having two pins, not four. As an electronics newbie, I'm a bit lost as to which two pins we're talking about.

From looking at the data sheet eruvanyo posted, would I be correct in reading certain pins are connected no matter the state of the tilt switch, ie. [1 + 2] and [3 + 4] are always going to be closed?

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