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I am working a project with an arduino mega 2560. I have Installed the drivers and they work fine but when I tried to test the board with a servo sweep program from the arduino site, nothing happened. I get the error that says serial port COM1 not found. I go to tools to fix this and the serial port option is greyed out and I cannot access it. There is nothing attached to the arduino except the usb cable. Therefore I do not know how to upload any programs to the board. Thanks!



Try these things:

1. restarting your computer
2. different USB port
3. different USB cable
4. different computer


I may be wrong, but seems to me that it's unlikely the PC would be using such a low
port number as COM1 for the Arduino. You might try reinstalling the drivers. Also,
go to the Control Panel > System > Hardware > Device Manager, and see if the Mega
board shows up in the Ports section when you plug in the board. It should.

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