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I have looked all over the web and have been unable to find out how to change the font color in the ide from a difficult to read gray to black on OS X.  I have tried editing the ~/Library/Arduino/preferences.txt file to no avail.  It seems to be overwritten whenever the IDE is restarted.

Any help and suggestions for this Arduino newbie would be most appreciated.





My installation on OS X contains in ~/username/Library/Arduino only one file 'preferences.txt' which, as I noted, is overwritted with each startup. 

The system Library   /Library/Application/Support contains no Arduino folder.
   /Library/Preferences contains no Arduino folder
   ~/Library/PreferencePanes contains no Arduino folder
   ~/Library/Preferences does contain a cc.arduino.Arduino.plist file

From the command line there is no /lib folder.  Nor is there a lib folder in /sbin or /bin.

So I guess my lack of familiarity with the underlying OS is my problem.  And still only a very hard to read light gray text on a bright white background in the IDE.

Thanks for you response however.


Found the answer.

in /Applications right click on Arduino.app and select show package contents and voila!  There is what I needed. 

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