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The prototyping board has inherent capacitance + there is internal I.C. capacitance.
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Is possible that this problem occurs when i make PCB (with some others components, of course). How to eliminate it, if so?


Is it possible that you will install the wrong value caps again?
Perhaps.  Many multimeters now have a capacitance measuring feature, try that.

If you are worried about capacitance of the PCB,  install the crystal and caps next to the uC pins will be all you have to do.
Look here to get some ideas of where the crystal and caps need to go.
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I realize that this may not be the correct place for this, but since the topic was brought up, I thought I would post it here.  A mod can move this where ever they want.

I have ordered 3 types of prototyping boards, pictured below.

Board A, has the Red and Blue lines going all the way across.  These power busses are connected all the way across.

Board B, has the Red and Blue lines but are split in the middle.  These power busses are connected only as far as the Red and Blue lines go.  I.e. the busses are broken in half.

Board C had me really confused.  I had to peel the back off to verify.  From left to right the first 3 sets of 5 pins are connected, then the next 4 sets of 5 pins are connected, finally the last 3 set of 5 pins are connected.  From the grid that I high lighted on the board, pins Y2 to Y18 are connected, pins Y20 to Y42 are connected and finally pins Y44 to Y60 are connected.  The same connections are also done for the X row.
As an aside, when I tested board C, the person who constructed it did not put in the metal connectors that should be where Y44 to Y60 are.  These pins have nothing in there. The other 4 boards of this type were constructed correctly.

Bottom line, buy Board type A or B and make sure that you watch the Red and Blue lines.


The description of "Board C" seems really weird.
Are you saying that it was manufactured that way or somebody else (a previous owner) modified it?
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The description of "Board C" seems really weird.
Are you saying that it was manufactured that way or somebody else (a previous owner) modified it?

Board C was manufactured that way.

To better explain:

I took one of the 5 "C" type boards out of the group to test the connections.  The one board I happened to take out to test was missing the connectors for the Y44 to Y60 pins.  There is nothing there.  It is  a manufacturing defect.

The other 4 boards, and this 5th one, are connected so that there are 15 pins together, then 20 pins and then 15 pins connected.

I have removed the adhesive back and posted the picture.  Notice how the power rows are connected 3-4-3.  Also notice that the connectors at the bottom left are missing.



Thanks for your help! I am feeling a little bit stupid because of wrong cap values but this is the first time that seller gave me wrong components.. Well, it was good life school XD


very  well done for solving it !  i  got  caught on the   positive  breadboard   rail   half way  down     no  connection myself this week 

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