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I know all the official Arduino Team shields are R3/1.0 compatible. But what about third party shields?

There was a link to a page in the Arduino wiki to list those, but I can't find it right now and it does not seem to be linked from the Due wiki page (and I think it contained only three shields and nobody edited it.

Is there a list detailing what shields are compatible with different Arduino variants?

Long version:

Generally, there is not much up to date info about shields and compatibility, I feel. (Or I'm missing something?)

This could be due to the fact that there's a lot of information regarding this "R3" or "1.0" standard (what's the proper name, actually?) hidden in the description of the different Arduinos, but not a single document that would just contain all the facts. If I'm producing a new shield or trying to find out if the foobar shield works with my Leonardo, where do I go?

Shieldlist.org lags about a year behind and doesn't even include the ICSP/SPI header.

A lot of this information http://playground.arduino.cc/Main/SimilarBoards#goShie seems to be outdated as well.

Pointers welcome, maybe I just haven't found current information.

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