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A "standard Windows 7 install" doesn't say anything about other (network) policies that may be installed.  You had mentioned earlier in the tread that this is a work computer.  If there are group policies in place (something that many offices will implement on their machines), than more than likely that's the culprit.  A stand-alone, no policies, non-cripled, no bacon, no ice-cream Windows 7 install will allow unsigned drivers to be installed after approving the warning pop up.  To me it seems you have a policy installed that's preventing that from happening, regardless of you approving the pop up message.


Our network policy doesn't have anything defined under "Devices: Unsigned driver installation behaviour". Should it?


I've had to resort to running both the Arduino IDE and Visual Studio in a VMware XP virtual machine in order to be able to access my Uno and Mega on this Windows 7 64-bit machine. :sigh:


Had the same problem in Win 8, went back to my old XP laptop, works fine there.


This is how to install Arduino drivers in Windows 8:
It got me trouble and for a while I'd use VMWare.
*EDIT* this is a better guide.
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A full reinstall of Windows 7 64-bit cured the problem.  :)

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