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Well, food for thought:

My FREETRONICS one the power LED comes on, and the Pin 13 Led.

The "L" led Slowly glows brighter and cycles this.

Pressing the reset button:  Nothing exciting happens.  The board doesn't seem to reset.
Neither LED really stop doing what they are doing.

My ARDUINO (genuine one) UNO is similar.
But the "L" led blinks.

Pressing the reset button:  Neither LED stop doing what they are/were doing.

TWO bung processors from TWO DIFFERENT SHOPS?

What are the chances?


UPDATE: I ordered a new ATMEGA for my uno and it is now up and running again. I had got to thinking to figure out how I had fried my chip and I'm thinking when I powered it up I must have had something conductive underneath it, without realizing it, which shorted the chip.

Thanks again for all the help and I am glad I can get back into things. I attached a photo of a nice little holder I also got for my uno and breadboard from sparkfun.com

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