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I am waiting for two Dues I back-ordered few weeks ago. With all this rapidly increasing demand for them and all that this implies (I've seen more than one paying in online auctions over $100 for one single board to, may be, avoid prohibitive waiting times or in desperation), it would be appropriate to consider some characteristics of a genuine board, just as we do with banknotes (watermark, security thread). Massimo have noticed, for example, in some fake Unos, small details like Sicily Island as part of the mainland. Someone here could argue that a quick basic visual/performance test (silk, packaging, Logo, power, lights, blink, etc) should be enough but I was wondering if others more reluctant have done more than a cursory look and help honest buyers and Arduino with trademark infringements. Thanks! 


Are fake one's available? i missed the first run of them and have been waiting for them to come back in stock. Non of the normal place's seem to have then.. the store, farnell.. but i just checked ebay and i found two sellers who have them. Is that right or are they fake?


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Maybe relevant, but both Makershed http://www.makershed.com/Arduino_Due_p/mksp16.htmand NKC Electronics http://www.nkcelectronics.com/Arduino-DUE-board_p_382.html seem to have them in stock.

Leon Heller

I ordered one from RS yesterday and received it this afternoon. I'm quite sure that it's genuine.
Leon Heller


UK no stock anywhere even mouser, 4tronix on ebay have some, got my Due next day (today) I would say genuine, you can tell , aligned and clear screen print, aligned components (the ferrite inductor is slightly off but I forgive that), no hand soldering, no flux residue, crisp pcb edge routing, the only snap off is under the power connector (maybe 1 near the reset switch) clear underside text for usb .
Did i say it connects and downloadstoo. Im very impressed.My first Arduino.My first bare metal arm. Pic 33 dust.

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