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I have one of those famous (actually I dont know if they're famous around the world, but here they are :D) Logitech 5.1 soundsystems for my TV (http://www.logitech.com/assets/15653/15653.png). They have the electronics (including amplification) in the subwoofer, and a cinch connector to every speaker-module. Unfortunately, the wire is too short for the rear speakers, so I buyed an extension wire. The problem is, that the rear speakers are now too quiet. I thought about aplifying the signal again where the extension wire connects to the speaker-wire, but I have no idea where to look for a project like this. Could this be a headphone amplifier? Or what could I do? Probably for the main task no Arduino is needed, but I'm sure you can help me anyway :)



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Well, your post does not require an Arduino,(dont be surprised if it gets moved), but you could get an OP Amp and make an amplifier or simply buy one. Radio shack has the parts.


I thought about aplifying the signal

If the speaker got too quiet as a result of the rewiring, don't you want to find out why before deciding on a course of action?

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