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I have very basic coding skills if any and I need someones help to write code for me ..... I have a LED project with some ws2812b tape and a controll box with 4x rotary controllers with a LCD screen.... I have spoke to people on codemasters but it didnt work out... Any help would be appreciated! I still have a bit of the budget set aside so your help won't go un noticed!

This is what I need:
The project is for a snake of various sizes/speed/brightness to travel along a variable length of LED TAPE.

Variables will be controlled by 4 separate rotary encoders with push functions if required.

Snake will hold in start position until trigger pulse starts the chase (no loop). Second pulse resets snake to start position.
If snake gets to end of tape automatically reset to start position.

Snake is to be represented by start LED and end LED only body not illuminated. 3 snake sizes are 12/20/26 leds.

Snake size (leds on 1st and last only) min size 2 leds
Pin 22 - Encoder1 - Up
Pin 23 - Encoder1 - Down
Pin 30 - Encoder 1 - Push

Pin - 24 - Encoder2 - Up
Pin - 25 - Encoder2 - Down
Pin - 31 - Encoder2 - Push

Length - number of LEDs (increments of 150 leds) 600x max
Pin - 26 - Encoder3 - Up
Pin - 27 - Encoder3 - Down
Pin - 32 - Encoder3 - Push

Snake Speed (Meters per second) Max 12mps
Pin - 28 - Encoder4 - Up
Pin - 29 - Encoder4 - Down
Pin - 33 - Encoder4 - Push

LED TAPE - WS2813 5v
Pin - 53

Start/Reset Trigger
Pin - 52

Snake Play Indicator 5mm LED ( flashing when snake in motion - static when not)
Pin - 7 - PWM output



Hello Harry,

 I can help you with this. PM me to have a chat.

Cheers Pete.
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