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Happy New Year everyone!

I would like to weigh into the debate on this one... with a resounding YES we need an RTOS, however I recognize that the majority of users will not know how to implement it due to a procedural mindset and thats not a bad thing but for the rest of us, the ability to have tasks running and doing stuff is perfectly natural.

To date the CHibios port looks great, FreeRTOS might have too much over head, but one thing we will need in it from day 0 is a fully working Ethernet Library and all the existing libraries will need to be task/thread safe.

I'm old school, started coding back in 1976 but I also can readily adapt to change when change is good, I do a lot of work in message queuing systems at present and write a lot of C++ code. To me kicking off jobs across 100's of queues so tasks are decoupled and running in various states of parallelism is perfectly logical, but for the majority of programmers they just dont get it... so the RTOS would need to be so well integrated you dont have to think about it. Then when the skill level of the coder rises he/she will start to use tasks and think in terms of lots of stuff happening at once.

I have had a lot of exposure to hardware and software for just about every industry and spent many years doing battle in the embedded space...
I think for the Arduino to jump into the commercial world it needs an RTOS. and it is a commercial product if you look at just how much stuff is available for it... my other bug bear is the mounting holes... if you design an board, please make the holes line up! (Rant over).


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