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Hello there,

I was recently gifted several of the following chips:  ATMEGA64RZAV-10PU

Essentially its a 40pin MCU w/ AT86RF230
Datasheet: http://www.atmel.com/devices/atmega64rzav.aspx

I'm curious, do these chips have the RF chip embedded in this processor? Does anyone here have experience with said chip? When I search for this chip via Google, I find quite a few links to the datasheets, but nothing specifying how one would successfully use this chip. I'm guessing it uses a Zigbee type of interface, but thats as much as I was able to grab from the docs.

Chip Basics:
Interface:   JTAG, SPI
Protocol:         802.15.4 Zigbee
Sensitivity:   -101dBm
Frequency:   2.4 GHz

Any help welcomed!


The model number refers to a bundle; it includes the ATMega644 MCU and an AT86RF230 RF chip.

I'm guessing you've only been given the MCU itself.

The RF isn't embedded in the MCU. If you just have the 40 pin DIP then you only have a normal 644 MCU, but the 10Mhz, rather than 20Mhz version.


Oh dear, I feared as much. I guess I'll have to find some rf230 chips.

Thank you for the prompt response.


I happen to know as I managed to order a similar 644 bundle by mistake, with a tiny tiny USB chip, on my first Atmel sample order.  :P

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