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Hi there. I was wondering if I cut the ESD bags that stuff ships in to fit the cubbys in my school tool box and glue them in, will this provide ESD protection for Arduinos and other chips layed on them, or is it not worth doing? Thanks, Steve


Is the toolbox metal? If so, it will already dissipate static.
If not, the lining won't hurt.
Be sure to touch something metal before touching any chips.
Most parts seem pretty immune once mounted on a board.
Loose chips, different story.
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It is plastic with metal hinges. Will do, good to know. Thanks again! I will leave you more karma when the one hour wait is up. :-)


I stick down metallized Duct tape in the bottom of plastic boxes. Resistance measured
between 2 points 1" apart is just 1.5 ohms.


There are high-density anti-static foam you can buy to line up the bottom of your container.

Back in the 80s, it was aluminum foil wrapped all over the pins of CMOS logic ICs :)

You can also try copper tape.


Go ideas all. I have some of the metalized tape, it will work better then the ESD bags the stuff ships in?


it will work better then the ESD bags the stuff ships in?

A sealed ESD bag also provide other kinds of protection, moisture for example.

I have chips that include a moisture detector inside the bag that changes color based on moisture %. I need to bake the parts if the colors turned pink, depending on moisture level. 


Damn, bake 'em!? That is a trip! lol


Baking is only important if you are doing controlled big production and use automated equipment mounting the components. The only parts i have seen popcorn IRL is BGA's and no home-tinkerer uses BGA's



I don't use BGAs but have some SOIC parts I use come in sealed bags complete with the moisture detector.
I just make it a point to use them immediately after opening the bag, and reseal the bag quickly.
I also have a Zephyrtonics ZT-1 hot air bath in my shop http://www.zeph.com/bgs_airbath.htm
I do run a business and have some form of production going on ,and I'd rather take the precautions (which costs nothing or very little) rather than deal with product returns, warranty repairs, free shipping, bad PR when people talk about problems, etc.

If you're just a home tinkerer and using the completed projects for yourself, you probably have nothing to worry about but your own DIY project.

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