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OK, so I am planning on building a really cool device with a bunch of switches on it, among other things. I am going to have a key switch (main power switch), several toggle switches with covers ("missile switches"), a 12 button keypad (for "authentication"), a character LCD with an RGB backlight, and a wave shield (so it talks/plays cool sound effects).  I just don't know what to make these switches do...

I am just looking for general ideas, specifically creative ones.

Any help would be appreciated!


The first generation of "personal computers" like the Altair was programmed by setting a series of switches on the front panel.

You could use the same method for selecting what sounds get played.  Like entering a combination.
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If you want to mess with people, you could make each switch do something unique, but when one switch is on it could do random things.


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The coolest project I've seen using simple switches is the so called magic switch box. Watch the video and be prepared to be amazed.



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