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I'be been using both the CTE class and the UTFT class on a Digix and both are flawless, The CTE shield and class being noticeably faster compared to the class Mr Karlsen wrote last year. Screamer fast)
Apparently when he rewrote the class to better encompass the Arm Avr and Pic processors he changed a substantial amount of code. I have had.. some code for the class written early last year and the speed differences are substantial... One of the Very few times I've "Donated" to a project and really got my $0.50's worth.. The Manuals... "Manuals"? who ever heard of actually supplying manuals with Arduino code...?  The manuals are an encyclopedia compared to the Arduino Manuals? and are actually useful.
If you use Mr Karlsen's code a donation would be a sign that you appreciate what he has done and how much it's made your own work easier. FWIW I own 3, 3.2" displays (5 if you cound 2, 4D Systems 3.2" displays and an Itead 4.3 which was junk defective out of the box (randomly shows a silver screen and the postage to return it is more than the 'thing' is worth) and a CTE 4.3 which is beautiful.
All in all the best display of it's class I've ever seen.

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Yes, this great UTFT library supports my CTE32HR, and the CTE50 and CTE70
quite well.  The 22 September 2013 version of UTouch is also much better.

I added code to UTFT to support the CTE40 and
the CTE35, so now both seem to work well using
CTE40 or CTE35 as the display type.

I will try UTouch for calibration soon.


The UTouch calibration required using LANDSCAPE mode for
the CTE35, but the 32HR, 35, 40, 50, and 70 all calibrate
and Paint, using somewhat modified libraries and sketches.

There is still at least one bug in the lbraries, possibly in UTFT_CTE
that causes icons to be positioned  relative to the right edge rather
than relative to the left edge.  Howeve, it should be easy to find.


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The data pins are routed to PC1-8 (lower 8 bit) and PC12-19 (higher 8 bit), so you probably need to shift your lower 8 bit to the right<<1, and higher 8 bit to the right <<12, and then you can strobe the WR pin. So you will need 3 arduino command for one WR strobe.
Like this:
      REG_PIOC_SODR=(VL<<1) & 0x1FE;
      REG_PIOC_SODR=(VH<<12) & 0xFF000;

if DUE has 32 bits port, why not use one data variable instead of VL and VH?


Hi .

I have examples for you

Arduino DUE + 5" SSD1963 LCD 800 x 480
Speed on the OLD UTFT(mod for due) VS NEW UTFT lib



This is It  !

Both videos now private,


UTFT_SdRaw now included in library manager!! ;) High speed image drawing from SD card to UTFT displays for Mega & DUE.
UTFT_GHL - a VASTLY upgraded version of UTFT_CTE. Coming soon to a TFT near you! 8) Shipping April 1 2016!


Please help me. I have Arduino DUE + 7" SSD1963 LCD 800 x 480 + shield for arduino due. I downloaded the UTFT library and try the example but the display did not run. I tried with Mega 2560 + shield for mega 2560 the same result.
How can I check if the display is ok? Can I power up only the blacklight using the CTE70 pins ?



You could elaborate where you downloaded the UTFT library from? If you downloaded it from this thread, it is a modified version with unofficial modifications.

You could further elaborate who the TFT shield is made by, let me guess.... Sainsmart??

Your best bet is download the official version of the UTFT suite of libraries from the author's own website. http://www.henningkarlsen.com/electronics/library.php?id=51 If these are not the libraries you already have, delete the ones you have now!!

Did you read the documentation for your TFT shield? Did you change the example sketches to use the pins of YOUR shield? Did you use an external AC/DC power supply since 7" panels require more power than USB can supply? Did you try google and see the 5 or 6 different threads on this forum where I have already made these suggestion many times before.....


UTFT_SdRaw now included in library manager!! ;) High speed image drawing from SD card to UTFT displays for Mega & DUE.
UTFT_GHL - a VASTLY upgraded version of UTFT_CTE. Coming soon to a TFT near you! 8) Shipping April 1 2016!


Hi ghlawrence2000,
Thank you for the help.

I tried many times with UTFT library from http://www.henningkarlsen.com without any result.  The pins are configured for my LCD type and an external 9V/3A power supply is plugged in. I red a lot of threads and I am thinking about purchasing a new one. I think this one i damaged or defective one.

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