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I think I have found solution to the problem described above in case of arduino uno with CH340 USB-to-serial chip in Winodws 7 32 bit. Just update the COM driver with drivers for  CH340 USB-to-serial chip which can be downloaded from http://javacolors.blogspot.com/2014/08/dccduino-usb-drivers-ch340-ch341-chipset.html. Although the site describes a solution for Macbook, it contains also drivers for windows. This solution worked for me. (Exchange of usb CABLE and Arduino driver reinstalation did not work for me).
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Drivers work really well. Thank you


Code 10 and USB2.0-serial fixes.

on install the board seems to be seen by the arduino program but you get an error when uploading, or you get a code 10 in devices in windows. Stop looking for a computer fix or a driver fix. look at your Arduino Uno board. the rectangular chip near the USB connect for the board has text on it. very small text. this tells you the chip and therefore the drivers you need to have to make the communications work. You should delete both the "USB2.0-serial" item from ports as well as the Arduino reference that gives the Code 10 error. Download the drivers for the associated chip. This is really easy to find just by doing a google search for the text you read. Scan for new hardware. select the driver you just downloaded. Both problems fixed.


Thank you jasfeliz!
These drivers solved my Com port problems on Win7.


Quick question how do i determent the baud-rate on the uno r3 is there a quick search i can do?

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